Thinking. Solving. Creating. Exploring: the year so far.

It’s been a packed school-year so far at The Buffalo Academy of Scholars! Students have experienced and explored so much already, from volunteering at Buffalo City Mission to writing an entire novel! Take a look at some of things we’ve been doing.


Went hiking at Stony Brook State Park. We had a picnic, played Capture the Flag and breathed in that fresh country air!


  • Visited a rainy Fort Niagara to learn about and explore the amazing history of the fort
  • Students and teachers helped to organize food donations at Buffalo City Mission to encourage a sense of team and community spirit!


  • Learned about breaking boundaries and challenging oneself with a visit from guest speaker Jim Cielencki – a runner who ran every street in Buffalo, and then gave a TEDx Buffalo talk about his experiences!
  • Attended a Veteran’s Day memorial and took a tour of USS Sullivans, USS Little Rock and USS Croaker at the Buffalo and Erie County Military and Naval Park. Students learned about the lives of US navy personnel during the time the vessels were active
  • We went all ‘literary’ and wrote an entire novel in just one month. Students completed NaNoWriMo where they are challenged to write a novel in the month of November. J.K Rowling, watch out!
  • Took advantage of the #firstfridays and got a culture top-up at the Albright Knox art gallery
  • Students and teachers re-visited Buffalo City Mission to help organize the Thanksgiving food donations
  • We all enjoyed a students and teachers Thanksgiving pot-luck lunch. Buffalo Wings and Mrs M’s chili were the big hits of the day, of course!


  • The whole school went to the Pearl Harbor Memorial at the Buffalo and Erie County Military Naval Park, Canalside



  • All students prepared and took part in a college-style debate in front of staff members
  • Watched a livestream of the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States at the Buffalo History Museum. We also toured the exhibits and learned about the history of this great city!


  • Students suggested and voted for their elective classes this quarter.

Here’s to the rest of the year being just as jam-packed with opportunities to think, solve, create and explore!

The Buffalo Academy of Scholars is proud to reveal a new look and a new logo!

Back in fall 2016, students and teachers got together to think of new ideas for the Academy’s new logo. It was a whole-school effort, and we’re pleased as punch with the finished product!

It all happened on one dark and stormy afternoon after returning from a wet and windy field trip. Students and teachers warmed up with a cup of hot chocolate to get the creative juices flowing, and armed with a whiteboard and a pen, we went to work suggesting and sharing ideas for the Buffalo Academy of Scholars’ new logo.

To have a coat of arms or not to have a coat of arms? That was the question. A plethora of animal mascot suggestions were advocated, analyzed and abandoned. Eventually, the mighty fox was the victor and made it to mascot status, and “Yes, let’s have a coat of arms,” was the answer to the question, it turns out. What with the lights flickering and the rain tapping at the window, the birth of the new logo was like the infamous creation scene in the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. In fact, we were so thrilled when we settled on a draft of the logo, we almost felt like yelling ‘It’s alive!’, like Doctor Frankenstein himself. Yep…we got a little carried away. Nevertheless, we are proud of what we created as a team!

With Social Studies teacher Mrs. Magliocca’s knowledge of coats of arms at our disposal, we have designed the logo so that everything has a meaning. Here’s a quick run-down:

The fox: signifies one who uses wisdom and wit in his own defense, and one who is strategic and resourceful.

The color gold: wisdom.

The color red: strength and confidence.

Ultimately, we have an image that represents the school’s values of resourcefulness, wisdom and strength. We hope you like it as much as we do.