Experimenting, exploring, examining: Field Trip March 2017

Keyhole surgery simulation, ‘presenting’ a Buffalo weather report, learning about the science of sound and guitars, studying a polar bear’s fur using a microscope, creating riverbanks and watching the effects of erosion, experiencing hurricane-force winds: just an average field trip for our students!

Earlier this month, students and teachers had a blast (literally – we blasted off fake rockets) exploring everything the Buffalo Museum of Science has to offer. From being fascinated by fossils in the ‘Rethink Extinct’ exhibit to experimenting with aerodynamics in the ‘In Motion’ section, students were keen to get ‘hands-on’ with the displays.

This trip is another fantastic example of the academy’s ethos to apply what is learned in the classroom to the world around us. Students enjoyed the freedom to complete practical, scientific experiments as a team and on a larger scale than an ave
rage classroom often allows. One of the biggest hits of the day was experimenting with velocity and rockets – students enjoyed the competitive elements of seeing who could build the optimum amount of speed and power to launch their rocket the farthest.

Thank you to the staff at The Buffalo Museum of Science, who made our #FieldTripFriday a fun and interesting experience!